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New Products | Custom Mini Accordions!


I heard Lucy bark a few times, and didn’t think anything of it.  There is always some kind of noise that gets her attention.  However, when I got a delivery notification, I knew that’s what she was hinting at!  I  raced down the stairs from my office and opened the front door.  After quickly opening the package, I couldn’t help but smile!  Yes, my newest sample products had arrived!  More importantly, I had an extra printed to carry in my purse…and in a moment you’ll understand why!

Portrait Clients, you will love these!  Take a look!

At 3″x3″, it is the perfect size to throw in my bag so that when someone asks if I have photos of my little guy, I can show them this without having to search for photos on my iPhone or on Facebook.  
Plus, if they don’t already know that I’m a photographer, it opens up that conversation.

I customized the cover to be able to include more favorites from his 1 year portrait session.

On the inside, I used favorite photos from his cake smash. 


A view of the cover, which holds a magnet to keep the mini accordion neatly folded and closed. 

A protective cover is an added bonus, especially when it gets tossed into my bag, which contains everything from business cards to baby gear!
Fingers crossed that this evening’s snow storm predictions are wrong!
Happy Tuesday!  

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