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Mustard Seed Gardens // Celebrating the Class of 2020 // Family + Best Friends


When I read Kennedy’s message back in early summer, I was instantly pumped!  She wrote to me asking to get photos taken of her and her best friends as a gift to celebrate this special milestone in their lives together – graduating from high school!  As we all know, 2020 has thrown us all some curveballs!  However, this wasn’t going to get in the way of celebrating not only their many achievements, but also their beautiful friendships!  Of course, I was all in, as this young lady and her kind family have been stepping in front of my lens since 2014!  I’ve photographed their family, senior portraits for 3 out of 4 of their gorgeous children (can’t wait for K’s turn!!!), and a wedding in 2021 that I’m beyond excited about!  I suggested that she have her parents and sister come along for a few portraits to document this special time in Kennedy’s life.  And Kennedy’s handsome boyfriend and high school sweetheart, Dalton, met up with us for portraits of the two of them as well.  I had the honor of meeting Dalton during Kennedy’s senior portrait session in October.  K + D, you two are truly adorable!  We worked quickly, under the intense June afternoon heat and humidity in hopes of avoiding the impending thunderstorm, walking the always lovely landscape at Mustard Seed Gardens here in Noblesville.  It was all so perfect!  Kennedy’s friends are as sweet as she is, and it was so much fun to witness their energy, their giggles, and the bond that they share together.  Kennedy, Alyx, Karly, Emily, Caylee, and Jordyn, thank you all so much for being amazing and so sweet!  Friendship is one of life’s greatest blessings!  Wishing you all the very best as you embark on the next exciting adventure that awaits!  Go Hoosiers!  Boiler Up!

Enjoy a sneak peek from this oh so fun day!  Congratulations to these outstanding members of the Class of 2020! 

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