Mitchell: Being 4 is so fun!

April 2009
Fishers, IN

Who has sparkling blue eyes, a sweet smile, and absolutely loves John Deere? Mitchell! He is 4 years old, and loves anything to do with art, whether it be painting or drawing, and tractors. And his favorite color is red…and sometimes it’s purple that speaks to him. Whatever his favorite color may be, you can be sure that he is a genuine sweetheart. We started the morning off at a playground. Mitchell’s life long friend, Gabe, joined him for some fun as well. Here’s a look at their day.

I see you!

Bubbles are so fun!

Blowing bubbles outside…piece of cake! What about bubbles in a tunnel? Mission accomplished!

Mitchell and his Mom.

Time to paint!

The boys take a minute to admire the green and gold machines.
Both are quite knowledgeable about all of the different tractor models. So impressive!

One of my favorites. Mitchell donned his John Deere socks! Too cute!

Thank you, Mitchell, for hanging out with me on your Saturday morning.
I hope you had a fun time!
It was so great to meet you and your friend, Gabe, too.
You two are super talented, I see a very bright future ahead of you!

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