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Maternity Leave + A Sneak Peek at Our Newest Addition


Last Friday afternoon will be one that I’ll never forget!  I called Reggie to tell him he needed to come home…I was pretty sure that my water had broken!  We slowly made our way to the doctor’s office in Friday rush hour traffic.  They confirmed that, yes, indeed, my water had broken, and we were admitted to the hospital.  Within 24 hours, we laid eyes on our newest addition, our first child, our son, Remington James!  I’ll save the rest of the details for his newborn post, but for now, here is a quick peek thanks to our camera phones:

While I’m on maternity leave, I will be occasionally checking in to share photos and tidbits about our sweet baby boy.  We are enjoying spending quality time together as a new family, as well as adjusting to becoming parents.  I truly appreciate your patience during this very special time in our lives.  I will respond to calls and emails within 2-4 business days.  To schedule a session for Fall 2012 and beyond, please email me at  Thank you for your patience, thoughts, and well wishes as we start this amazing journey of parenthood!  

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