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Lucy | 8 weeks


We found Lucy earlier this summer.  She has captured our hearts!  She has been growing so fast!  I wanted to be sure to get lots of photos while she was still a teeny tiny little pup, so one afternoon when she was very sleepy I captured some of her sweet and furry cuteness.

Little puppy paws!

Little sweetheart!!!  That face… those eyes! 

Oh, and Lola wanted in on some of the action surprisingly!  I’ll take what I can get!  😉
She has adjusted to her new sister after being the only pet in the house for 6 years. 

Love both of these!  Lola was watching Lucy across the room, and Lucy was watching Reggie. 

Later we ventured outside once the heat of the day subsided a little to get some more photos, and these are some of my absolute favorites.

I want to put this photo on my desk in my office!  ♥

Lucy, you stole our hearts from the moment we held you.  We are so happy, lucky, and blessed to have found you that hot, summer day in July!  We love you to pieces… and so does Lola.  xoxo
  1. Anonymous says:

    Ohooooo, these are so CUTE of Lucy & Lola!!! Lucy is a SWEETIE!!! GREAT pics, Stephanie!!!


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