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Love | Marcie + Denny


They met at a business college years ago in downtown Indianapolis.  They shared the same circle of friends, and after hanging out, realized that they had fallen in love.  He moved to be with her from his hometown farm in northern Indiana.  She loved his witty one-liners and his handsome smile.  He loved her sparkling green eyes and positive outlook on life.  Denny asked Marcie’s father for her hand in marriage, and they wed a few years later.  While overseas in Thailand during the Vietnam War, he wrote her letters every day.  She still has each and every paper treasure.  Earlier this spring, I had the honor of photographing the two of them on a beautiful sunny afternoon.  These two people happen to be very special to me… they are my parents!  And I’m so blessed and so thankful to have their love, support, and encouragement in what I do.  It means so much to me!  They are some of my biggest fans!  Mom and Dad, thank you for being such wonderful parents, and for allowing me to capture your love for each other.  I love you bunches! 

I love that they were fun and silly and just themselves during our session. 

They also knew how to work it out for the camera. Love both of these!

 We had such a pretty spring day with great light!

Mom, you are beautiful.  Beautiful!

Another favorite!

My handsome dad! 


I love, love, love this one!

I asked them to skip along holding hands… and they did, happily!  🙂

Those beautiful, sparkling green eyes! 
I’ll end with another favorite.  I love this quiet moment between them. 
 Mom and Dad, thank you, thank you, thank you for spending this time with me and my camera!  It was so much fun, and such an honor!  Your love for each other is an inspiration to me and to our family.  
I love you so  much!
  1. Mary Marantz says:

    LOVE this Stephanie!! Absolutely love it!

  2. Leslie says:

    these are great. very sweet!

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