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Lola cops an attitude!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted pictures of Lola, the beloved cat that has been extra cuddly lately. She’s never been a ‘lap cat’, and doesn’t really like too much attention, in general. Although she’s always waiting for us at the door when we get home. I would love to get a photo of her just to share with you her little ritual, which I just adore. Cats and dogs may disagree with me on this, but I think they sometimes share a few similarities. And waiting at the door for some hugs and kisses, tails wagging, and little barks and chirps, are some of those few. Enough of my rambling, on to the photos!

Waking up with a camera in her face after a little Sunday afternoon nap

Lola LOVES shoes…and shoe strings. I may wrap this one up for her for Christmas and put it in her stocking! ….Yes, she has her very own stocking!
It was a gift from her “Grandma Patti” in Florida. 🙂 She often naps on the stocking under the tree during the holidays.

Something outside caught her eye…

Favorite! I love her attitude, and the way
her pose echoes that of the flowers in the background.

If you have a pet, what is it about them that you love?
Do they have quirky traits that make you smile? Leave a comment to tell me about it!
Happy Weekend!

  1. We have a little Birman cat named Charlie Ann, and she is our only child (so far). 🙂 We spoil her every day with love and treats, and in exchange, she keeps us company while we edit photos, sitting in her bed on my husband's desk and cackling at the birds outside the window. She even has her own twitter account and Facebook page! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    lilo screams when she wants can hear it outside our house…sounds like we are torturing small children. you really cant grasp the concept of the loudness and humanlike scream it is until you hear it!! i imagine the baby wont mind bc shes heard it in my belly the past 9mths! peace, mel

  3. she is adorable. I love how Bella always has to be in the middle of everything even though it's sometimes annoying, it can be pretty funny too.

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