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Indianapolis Engagement: Trena + Bob


He noticed her blond curls as she worked on a project at his company.  Although they weren’t working on the same project, Bob knew he had to know more.  About her.  They found themselves sitting at a working lunch, however, Trena was more interested in checking her iPhone.  Furthermore, Bob discovered that this lovely young lady with the blond curls — the one who’d been on his mind non-stop since that lunch — had a boyfriend.  Still she was on his mind.  After running into a co-worker, he learned that things had not worked out between Trena and her boyfriend.  He called her to set up another working lunch.  Trena hesitantly agreed to meet him.  The story goes that business was only discussed for a moment, and fortunately, their conversation took a more fun and friendly route.  Had Trena just had the best first date ever?  Perhaps…

After rehearsing what he was going to say a hundred times, Bob dialed Trena’s number the very next day to ask her out on an official date.  Bob didn’t let the weather or bad cell reception slow him down.  In the pouring rain and several dropped calls later, he finally asked her out.  Trena agreed…without hesitation this time.  Had Trena just been asked out by the man of her dreams?  Possibly…

To celebrate their second anniversary, Bob planned a special evening to revisit all the places they had been to the night of their first date.  Each destination came with a post-it note, one of Trena’s favorite things, with a sweet memory from that very first date hand-written by Bob.  The last note held a clue…and a diamond ring.  Had Trena just been proposed to by the man of her dreams?  Definitely, yes!

We met up recently for their engagement session.  I’ve known Trena for several years, and to see her this happy made my day.  Trena and Bob, you are such a wonderful couple!  I’m so, so, so excited for your wedding day!  Here are some of my favorites from your session!  Friends and family, click here to view their online gallery!

This cool RV was being cleaned up by its owners, and they said we could take some photos with it!  Thanks, friends! 🙂

Within 10 minutes of starting the session, rain drops started to fall from the once sunny skies.  Bob suggested we duck into a cool wine bar around the corner.  Perfect!

 Trena and Bob sampled some wine and just enjoyed the moment.  Love these two!

 The storm seemed to pass as quickly as it came, so we ventured back outdoors.

 What a handsome guy!  Trena, this would be perfect for your desk!
A favorite!

Beautiful, sparkling blue eyes!  Trena, you are gorgeous, my dear.  Another favorite. 
Bob, you could put this one on your desk! 
 Yes, yes, yes!

Am I kinda glad that it did rain during their session?  Yes!  Do I love these next two images?  Yes!

Even the building across the street agrees: You Are Beautiful. 

Trena and Bob love spending time together outdoors, competing in triathlons, cycling, 
relaxing at the symphony, volunteering, and walking hand in hand in their neighborhood.  
Their love for life and helping others is inspiring. 

 I love the way Bob makes her smile.  More favorites!

It’s a good thing I’m allowed to have more than a few favorites, because this is another one!

We found a quiet spot on a hill as the sun set for the evening.  

 And they toasted to each other, to happiness, to love…
 …and to their future together. 
 Oh, Trena and Bob, just stop it!  You guys are absolutely adorable together!
As if I had to say it…favorites.

 A band played in the distance, and Bob asked Trena to dance under the evening sky. 

A sweet kiss to end the night.  Le sigh…

Trena and Bob, where do I begin?  Thank you so much for such a wonderfully fun session!  Thank you
for making the best out of the downpour, for being so flexible, and for letting go in front of the camera.  I’m beyond excited for your wedding day!   
  1. Stephanie: I'm floored by how amazing these turned out! I can't thank you enough!

  2. Anonymous says:

    These pics are just UNBELIEVABLE!!! They are such a CUTE couple and it would be hard to pick a favorite, but the ones with the their reflections in the puddle is really TERRIFIC!!! GREAT job, Stephanie!!!


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