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Indianapolis Engagement Portraits // Haylee + Colin


In a few short days, Haylee and Colin will be saying “I do!” while surrounded by their loving families and closest friends!  Ever since meeting them at the beginning of the year, I’ve been smitten with them, counting down the days until seeing them for their engagement session and again soon for their wedding day!  Their smiles and laughter are infectious!  They met in high school through mutual friends.  Colin played football, and Haylee was a cheerleader.  When Haylee asked if she could wear his jersey for a game, he said yes.  Friendship grew to walking the halls, sending texts every night, and spending time together on the weekends.  And when Colin asked Haylee to be his girlfriend on her 16th birthday, she said yes!  A few years later, Colin had another question for Haylee.  Over Easter weekend last year, they were spending time with family, and decided everyone should go on a walk along the river.  As everyone walked ahead, Colin had stopped at an overlook.  Haylee and pup Milo made their way to him.  However, a flock of geese caught Milo’s attention.  Luckily, Haylee swept him up in her arms before things got out of hand, and Colin asked her to just hang out with him by the water’s edge to talk.  He told her how much he loved her, and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  So when he asked her to marry him, of course her reply was “Yes!”  They’ve been together through high school, college, early adulthood, and now this incredible next step, marriage!  We met at Holliday Park on a gorgeous fall day for their engagement session.  Milo came with them and made everyone around him smile!  And, goodness, this pair and their pup made some magic happen together!

Haylee and Colin, I love the way you make each other smile.  And laugh.  And just soak in the present moment together.  You put each other at ease, and I loved learning how your love story unfolded.  What a beautiful friendship and love you share, I am so honored to have been asked to come along beside you during this exciting chapter together!  I can’t wait for your wedding day!  Hugs and congratulations to you both!


  1. Marcie Muller says:

    What GREAT pictures!!!  LOVE the couple, the little doggie & the location!!!

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