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I *heart* Florida! 2008


December 2008
Southern Florida & Key West

My husband and I are so blessed to have such a loving family both near and far. We spent time with my family before Christmas and enjoyed a delicious dinner, tons of laughs, cookies and pies, oh my! Then it was time to fly off to southern Florida to visit Reggie’s Mom as we do each year between Christmas and New Years. Her gift to us is a trip to Key West to visit my Uncle Mark, who helps run a thriving scooter, bicycle and electric car rental business on the 7 mile island. Of course I had to take my camera with me! There were so many fantastic photo opportunities in Florida, it was hard to put the camera down. Reggie also took some photos of his own. Here we go in no particular order. Maybe I will update the captions at some point, but for right now, please feel free to just enjoy the scenery. Sit back, relax and pretend you are there…I will be doing the same thing!

Thank you for watching!

  1. Those pictures are great, I heart Florida too and miss that weather! I loved the photos of the Lawrence’s too! Hope all is well with you!

  2. This is absolutely wonderful!

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