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Happy Mother’s Day!


This year feels so different than any other.  I suppose I could list the reasons why, mostly to serve as a reminder to myself when I need to get back to how I feel right now.  You know those times, moments, and feelings you want to bottle up and keep forever?  Yes, I’m talking about one of those special feelings.  It’s like a delicate recipe of happiness, contentment, gratitude, joy, with a dash of resolve and resilience and grace.  In a nutshell, that’s how I feel as I type these words.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have it all figured out.  By “it” I mean life, and the balance of work and family, of being a mom and a wife, of feeling creative and needing to stay grounded.  I don’t have these things figured out in the least.  But in this moment, I am ok with that.  And the sum of these things is what I want to bottle up and store up on a shelf for the times when I need it most.

I’m a mother of two darling boys.  Today they have both made me laugh those deep, fulfilling laughs, be it with something Remington said or at the tantrum Emerson threw because he wanted his big brother’s sippy cup of water.  Oh, and when Emerson had a Cheerio stuck to his forehead for quite a while at breakfast this morning and had no idea it was there!  As Reggie said, that photo will be great first date material!  Sometimes they can bring me to tears.  In those sweet moments when they are quiet, snuggly, or when we lock eyes with each other while reading or playing.   Especially if I hear certain songs that remind me of bittersweet times as they grow.  Don’t get me started on the A Thousand Years song!

Sometimes I have to really let it soak in that I am lucky enough to a Mom to my two sweet babes.  And there’s no way I could do it without my husband, Reggie.  We make quite a team!  And I owe a million thanks to my parents for all of their help and support over the years!  Which leads me to the whole point of this post… Mom, thank you for sharing your unconditional love with me and my family, in all that you do for us, I could never begin to describe how blessed I am!  Love you bunches!  Thank you also for sharing these amazing peonies with us – passed down over generations from our family!  What a special reminder these lovely blooms are!  And blooming in perfect time for Mother’s Day! xoxo

To all Moms, Grandmas, and all who share their motherly love, from here and afar, in heaven and in our hearts…Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  1. Marcie Muller says:

    Thank you Stephanie!!!  You brought me to tears …. we’ve both been SO BLESSED & LUCKY to have each other..  that is what “life” is all about …. being there for each other.  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, STEPHANIE!!!  LOVE YOU ALL BUNCHES, MOM XOXOXO

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