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Happy (belated) Father’s Day! And Happy Summer!


Even though it’s a day late…I would like to wish all father’s, especially mine, a Happy Father’s Day!  I hope you had a wonderful day!  I was fortunate to spend Saturday and Sunday with my parents, enjoying the sunshine.  Dad, thank you for all that you do, and for instilling in me that hard work pays off.  You are so generous with your time and love.  My Dad is always there to help when someone needs it, and never expects anything in return.  He has always been strong, hard-working, and thoughtful.  I love you, Dad!  And since I had a post featuring so many wonderful Mothers, I thought it would only be fair to show off all the proud Fathers too! 

To all Fathers, Dads-to-be, Grandfathers, Godfathers, and anyone who has been like a father to someone in need…Happy (belated) Father’s Day to you!
And Happy 1st Day of Summer!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Stephanie – you selected a great group of pictures for your Father's Day message — but then, all your pictures are wonderful!!!

    Thank you!
    ( Your ) Proud Dad

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