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Happy 5th Birthday, Remington!


Dear Remington,

Five years ago, I became one of the luckiest moms in the world!  Little did I know then how much you would change my life!  You’ve blessed me and our family with your smiles and laughter, with your endless energy, with your creativity and excitement for everything around you.  It seems like yesterday that we celebrated your 1st birthday at Forest Park, and you screamed and squealed with joy and glee with friends running around you as you smashed your first cake.  With your love of animals, we surprised you by taking you to the zoo for the next few birthdays with feeding the giraffes being a highlight each time!  This year, we thought you may be on to us with going to the zoo…so we switched it up and surprised you with a road trip to Columbus, Ohio to see one of your favorite animal enthusiasts and educators, Coyote Peterson.  You were so excited!  On this your 5th birthday, we wish you a day (and weekend!) full of fun, time with family and friends, and love beyond measure!  We are so proud of you, especially for becoming such a great big brother for Emerson.  My heart melts when I see the two of you playing, hugging, running, and laughing the way that you two do!  You asked me once to tell about when you were born, and it was such a sweet moment for you and me, one that filled my heart with happiness to share with you.  We both cried happy tears as I described those first 24 hours in the hospital to you.   I won’t ever forget the story of the day you were born…each time I think of it, even now as I write this, it brings tears to my eyes…seeing you for the very first time and not being able to fathom how it would be to love someone so deeply.  Thank you for being my amazing, sweet, funny, incredible Baby Bear, my Pumpkin Pie, my little Remington James!  I love you so much, so much, so much…to the moon and back!  xoxoxo, Mommy

  1. Marcie Muller says:

    HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY, REMINGTON JAMES!!!  You are EVERYTHING to me & Grandpa!!!  You certainly keep us on our toes.  🙂  Love you to pieces!!!  Just can’t believe you’re 5.  We have so many, many memories.  Love, Grandma & Grandpa

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