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Happy 2nd Birthday, Emerson Ray!


It seems like 2017 has flown by even faster than any other year!  I can hardly believe that we were bringing home our second baby boy on Christmas Day in 2015!  And now he’s turning 2 today!  Last year on his 1st birthday, I remember rocking him at nap time, which was at his time of birth and my eyes filled with tears.  The bittersweet kind of tears.  He was entering the toddler phase, and leaving behind the infant and baby stage.  Being Emerson’s mommy has been such a wonderful experience!  He is a happy little guy, with a quiet and serious side at times.  He loves to run around the kitchen table, just like his big brother Remington.  And his favorite color is blue…blue trucks! Blue choo-choos! Blue shoes!  He loves counting to 2!  If there are two of something, he will let count them for you!  He loves his blue (!) hippo, his soft white blankie, and his stuffed shoo-wahs (which is what he calls dinosaurs).  He loves imitating noises and sounds.  And sliding through my legs while wearing Mickey Mouse slippers is a favorite game he likes to play in the kitchen!   I adore how he grabs my hand to lead me where he wants to go, or points to tell me where to sit.  He simply fills my heart with so much love and happiness!  His warm hugs, his adorable giggles, his little babbles and growing vocabulary keep us entertained and truly smitten each and every day!

Emerson Ray, we love you so much and we wish you a very Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

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