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Going to the Fair!


It’s August!  And you know what that means…time for the Indiana State Fair!  Each year they have a photography contest, where hundreds of photographers of all ages with all levels of experience, submit their work for others to see.  Each year, I browse the photography entries and promise myself that ‘next year’ I’ll have the courage to enter the contest.  Well, I did it!  So wish me luck!  And if you happen to go to the Fair this year, take a look through all of the amazing work – not only photography, but arts and crafts of all kinds – that fills the Home and Family Arts building.  Antiques, painting, fibers, sewing, cakes, and more!  So inspirational!  There is so much talent here in the State of Indiana!  I can’t wait to go soak up some inspiration and see all the beautiful work that fills the halls…and enjoy some fair food too, of course! 

 L’Ete: La Bicyclette et les fleurs 
(Summer: Bicycle and Flowers)

Daily Grind
Recognize this guy? 🙂

Frolicking on the Beach

Have you been to the Fair? Leave a comment and let me know how much fun you had…
and what the best fair food is so I can try it!  🙂  
Going to the Fair soon? What are you looking forward to the most – the food? the rides? the exhibits?

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