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Family: Jason + Missy + Grace + Macy


If you missed this family’s Sneak Peek the other day, please take a look!  Here are some more images from their day in the sun!  Jason, Missy, Grace, and Macy, thank you so much for spending your afternoon with me!  I had a blast!  Now, let’s get right to the photos!

Grace and Macy! 

Grace is the perfect big sister. 

And Macy is the best younger sister!

This garden couldn’t have been a more perfect setting for these two beauties!

One sweet family!
How could you not just love their yellow polka dot sundresses?  Oh my goodness!

Bright and sunny, just like their smiles and dispositions! 
Macy is quite talented when it comes to blowing bubbles in a garden, 
just look at this triple bubble!  Amazing!

I think all sisters should have a photo together like this! Favorite!

Another favorite!  The sweetness on the right is just, well, sweet!
Hand in hand, these sisters walk through life. Together.  Too adorable.
Missy and Jason, I love your smiles!  Again, Happy 10th Anniversary!
Love love love the one on the left…and just look at those gorgeous eyes!
Macy brought along her favorite chair from home…I love it!
Despite the heat, humidity, bumble bees and bugs, this fun family rocked their session!
Thank you so much!  Can’t wait to show you the rest of your images! 
p.s. Hugs + Kisses from Ruby and Fiona!  😉
  1. Anonymous says:

    These are all FABULOUS … what a LOVELY family!!!


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