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Family: Chris + Kim + Evelyn

Please give a warm welcome to Chris, Kim, and Evelyn! I was so excited to meet with them on a cool, autumn day. Despite some wind and rain a few days prior to their session, there were still beautiful fall leaves on the trees. We spent some time wandering around Stonycreek Farm and later in downtown Noblesville for some portraits of Evie. After all, turning 3 is a very big deal! I have said this before, but I love my job! Meeting such nice families, just like this one, makes every moment worthwhile. Thank you so much for sharing your afternoon with me! Now on to the photos!

The oh-so-adorable Evie!

Kim, Evelyn, and Chris

We discussed many things during our session, one of them being cheese. Right, Evie? 😉

This trio enjoys the outdoors together, they love spending time outside as a family.

And Miss Evelyn is not your typicial girly-girl…although, we may say differently in a minute…
she loves leaves and sticks and the great outdoors. And several Disney characters too.

Curiousity…not just for cats!
Did we ever find out what was inside? It remains a mystery.

Who doesn’t love a little game of Peek-a-Boo? It’s a classic!

I absolutely love family silhouettes, one of my favorites!

Evie, you are such a sweetheart!

Mother and Daughter, so precious!

Frolicking in Fall…aren’t the leaves amazing?

A few days later, we met up for some portraits of Evie.
She had just turned 3 back in August.
Happy Belated Birthday, Evie!

Another favorite, I just love her expression.
Oh la la! Tres mignonne!

Evie befriended this little lady bug…how cute!

I love details, and this is another favorite of mine.

More favorites! Evie, remember how I kept telling you that you’re adorable?
This is exactly why!

Sunflowers can be a nice distraction.

A little ray of sunshine on such a cloudy day!

Chris, Kim, and Evie, it was so fun working with you! I loved meeting you, and
capturing this fun family time. Can’t wait for you to see the rest of your images!

  1. Anonymous says:

    She is very photogenic …. especially LOVE the one on the old wooden fence!! Great pics!!!

    Marcie 11/25/09

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