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Family: Brad + Brooke + Tyler + Wes

What a beautiful fall day we had! This family worked it out, despite the chilly autumn breeze that would blow through now and again. You may remember Brooke and Brad from their maternity and newborn session with baby Wes. Well now Wes is officially 1 years old – Happy Belated Birthday, Wes!!! You are turning into such a handsome young man! And Tyler, you are an awesome big brother! Without further adieu, please enjoy this amazing family’s images! I had so many favorites, it was hard to narrow it down! On with the show!

The Guys

Brooke, you are beautiful! Two of my favorites!

Vintage Love, oh so romantic! *sigh*

The perfect fall day!

Tyler and Wes

Doesn’t this family belong in a magazine? Yes, they do!

Hi, Wes!

Nice, crisp, yellow leaves. Gotta love ’em!

Wes and his Mom, so sweet!

Tyler found a cool spot.

Wes and his Dad, so dapper!

Another favorite, I love how all eyes are on Wes.

Yes, I know, I love shoes!

Watch out, young ladies! Tyler, you are so cute!

And Wes is too adorable!

Brooke and Brad, look at you two!

Another favorite! (Yes, I am allowed to have as many as I want!)

Get those leaves!

Wes is One! Yay!

More faves…

Photographers are notorious for saying stuff like “Just one more…ok, maybe one more…”
You guys are troopers!

We even had a road all to ourselves.

Tyler is a skateboard whiz, so I asked him to show off some of his moves.
(Another favorite!)

Sunset + Field + Lovebirds = Romance

Sunset is magical, especially when shared with the ones you love.

Brad, Brooke, Tyler, and Wes! Thank you for an amazing afternoon! You guys were so much fun and up for anything. What a beautiful and blessed family you are, and I am blessed to know you. Thanks again!
  1. love, love, love, love, (let's see how many times i can say it)them! YAY!!! they are all great, can't possibly choose a favorite!

  2. Anonymous says:

    great use of light and flares! i like your poses too. 🙂 that last silhouette is super rad. peace melanie

  3. Robert says:

    Your best family shoot ever!

  4. Mary Marantz says:

    what a beautiful family!!

  5. Leslie says:

    awesome pictures! what cute kiddos!!

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