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Event: Teachers’ Treasures Caring Spirit Award Luncheon 2011


Ever since I was first asked to photograph this event, I look forward to it more and more each year!  Maybe it’s the cool venue with the fabulous view of Indianapolis… Perhaps it’s the room full of smiling, generous, caring individuals there to celebrate the same hope for all kids, for all schools, no matter their geographic area or demographic details.  For me, I think the thing that hits home with me the most is the feeling created during the event.  The feeling that people do care, that people yearn to make a difference in the lives of others.  Add the fact that I have several wonderful friends who are teachers, who live this each and every day.  It’s not always easy.  After all, life isn’t fair.  Not all students and their families can afford everything that is needed and often required by schools for their education.  Fortunately, there exists such an organization, Teachers’ Treasures, to serve however they can. What they do inspires so many others in the community – including me – to act, to volunteer, to donate, to contribute, to spread the word about what they do.  Thank you to Teachers’ Treasures for inspiring me yet again this year!

I loved their centerpieces!  They are original, colorful, and serve a purpose.  Pencils, binder clips, rulers, crayons, scissors…some of the items they are in need of and collect for classrooms each and every day. 

 Herff Jones and IPL, event sponsors, hosted a gallery of excellence and silent auction, featuring artwork by local Pike High School students. 

 I was blown away by the talent of the students!  I loved each and every piece of art on display!

 While guests arrived, they bid on these beautiful pieces as part of a silent auction.

Guests place their final bids on their favorite pieces before the silent auction comes to a close.

Teachers’ Treasures has been helping teachers and students for 10 years!  
Mr. Dave Leinart, President of Teachers’ Treasures, updates the attendees on the progress this organization has made over the past decade.  In 2010 alone, $3.2 million worth of school supplies were distributed; 10,000 hours were worked by volunteers; 6,676 teacher visits; and 234 schools were served. What a great year!

This year’s Caring Spirit Award was presented to Dr. Tony Bennett for his dedication and hard work 
in his role as Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

Dr. Bennett is a great speaker.  His passion for education and standard for excellence is palpable.  He told a story about some of the school supplies used as the centerpieces.  Some schools get the most modern, technologically advanced items in their classrooms, while others still use supplies that Dr. Bennett remembers using when he was in grade school. 
A former teacher, Phyllis, was honored for her continued role in enriching the lives of students.  This award was a surprise!  Hearing her story was amazing. 

A new award was added to this year’s luncheon – Teacher of the Year.  Congratulations, Julie!  Keep up
the wonderful work that you do!

Barbara, Executive Director of Teachers’ Treasures, read aloud the recommendation letter sent to her by Julie’s principal.  She truly goes above and beyond in the classroom and in her own time to make things better for her students. 
Thank you to Herff Jones for sponsoring a wonderful awards luncheon!

Phyllis received many hugs and congratulatory remarks from colleagues and friends.

 Thank you to Barb and Teachers’ Treasures for allowing me to be a part of this fantastic day!  
For more information about Teachers’ Treasures, please visit their website.
  1. Anonymous says:

    This pics are truly AMAZING!!! After reading your foreword, that is a wonderful reminder that we should be very appreciative everyday of all the GREAT work these teachers do to make sure that the students get a quality education and they have the supplies necessary. THANK YOU, TEACHERS!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Your pictures are GREAT!!! And our Teachers deserve the best pictures and our help and support in any way we can. I agree with Marcie — THANK YOU, TEACHERS ! ! !


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