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Emily Claire | 3 years


This next little beam of sunshine has lit up the lives of her sweet parents and this blog!  I’ve had the honor of documenting maternity photos and many, many milestones (here, here, here, here, here, and here) since then for Miss Emily Claire.  What an amazing journey it has been to watch this beautiful little girl grow up!  We recently met up to celebrate her upcoming 3rd birthday by going to one of her favorite parks!  We had a hot and sunny morning, but Emily was a trooper as we walked around and took portraits in and around a kid-sized town and then relaxed under a willow tree for a tea party.  And today happens to be her birthday!  Please join me in wishing Miss Emily Claire a very happy birthday!  Happy Birthday, Emily!  Friends and family can view her entire online gallery here.  Here are some favorites from our morning!

Hi there, Emily! 🙂

Love this!  Emily, you are too cute!

Don’t you love her big blue eyes!

Lovelovelove her outfit!

Then it was time for a little break in the shade!

One of Emily’s favorite things about this park is the clock tower.  
She loves how it chimes and rings to mark the day!
We found the perfect spot to have a little tea party!

Emily poured some tea for her baby doll, Bitty. 🙂 

Another adorable outfit!  What a perfect summer time dress!

Sooo cute!  Another favorite!

Emily Claire, I just adore you!  Love this!

Thank you for sharing your day and one of your favorite parks with me, Emily!  You are a doll and such a sweetheart!  It has been such a joy to document your life!  
Wishing you a happy and delightful birthday!  See you soon!  Hugs! 🙂

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a DOLL she is!!! The pictures are OUT OF THIS WORLD GREAT!!! What a special tea party and beautiful tent too!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG!! I am so teary-eyed right now. These are gorgeous!! I can't wait to show everyone! Stephanie U R AMAZING!!

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