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Emilia | 6 months


Oooh, Emilia!!!  Beautiful, sweet Emilia!!!  What a joy it was to photograph you on such a lovely autumn afternoon!  Emilia’s mom, Elizabeth, and I both went to IU and lived on the same floor in the dorms for two years.  We were right across the hall from each other.  She married her lifelong sweetheart, Joe.  They’ve been inseparable since 1992 and were married in November 2003, and together they have 3 of the most adorable, joyful, patient, well-behaved children I have ever met!  It seems like yesterday we were roaming that gorgeous private property on a fall day when Clark and Sydney were 4 and 2!  And now you have another little beauty, Miss Emilia!

Oh my goodness!  When a session starts out like this, I just know I’m in for an amazing time! 
A favorite!
When she wasn’t busy smiling and working the camera, something would catch her attention, and she would become so serious.  Seriously adorable.
Only 6 months and she’s got her model face down to a perfect science. 😉

Luckily, we had a warm and sunny afternoon, which meant going barefoot was preferred!  
Love those adorable baby toes and feet!!!

Love this!

Before wrapping up, we just had to get a few images with Emilia’s older brother and sister!  Lovelovelove!

These 3!!!  How they melted my heart with their love and affection for each other!  Sydney and Clark absolutely adore their baby sister, and it’s clear that Emilia feels the same way about them!

We had lovely fall light, and our little model was still as happy as could be, 
so we captured a few more frames!  
I adore the many expressive faces of Emilia!  Those eyes!  Those cheeks!  That little pout!  And those baby toes!  Oh my goodness!!!  I could barely handle all the cuteness!
I’ll end with another favorite.  Emilia, you are such a delight to be around!  It was so wonderfully fun to photograph you and your happy spirit!  Thank you so much for sharing your afternoon with me! Hugs!!!

Joe, Elizabeth, Clark, and Sydney, I’ve told you guys before that I adore your sweet family!  What a blessing it is to be called your friend, and quite an honor to capture the true warmth and happiness of your  family as it has grown over the years!  Thank you again for the thoughtful gift for Baby Stewart!  You are so sweet!  I can’t wait to get our kiddos together to play!!!
  1. Anonymous says:

    ADORABLE!!! LOVE the pics of these SWEET little children!!! Emilia sure seemed to be enjoying the camera!!! GREAT job, Stephanie!!!

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