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Cicero Summer Portraits | Diana | 5 years + Bonus! Holiday Portraits!


Photographing this blue-eyed, curly-haired sweetheart is always such a treat!  Diana is 5 years old, full of wonder and personality, and the proud owner of some new furry friends that I had the honor to meet!     Diana was so excited for this portrait session!  I always have so many favorites because she is just so much fun to have in front of my camera!  And in blogging these, I realized I have yet to blog her holiday portraits after sharing some on Facebook after her session!  So we’re in for a double dose of this little beauty!  Happy Monday!


Diana is such a happy girl!  And she has a true love for animals!  I loved seeing her hold and sing to these baby chicks!

A favorite!

A stone path, greenery, magical light, and a happy-go-lucky girl…did I mention that photographing this little doll is beyond fun?!

Meet Catty-Wampass!  

My, what pretty green eyes you have, little Wampass!!! 😉  Thank you for being such a good sport!


After a quick wardrobe and location change, we were ready for more!

A kind neighbor offered her lovely, serene backyard, full of summer blooms for some portraits, and, again, I was in heaven!  Oh, and love Diana’s bright smile!

Another favorite!

Oh, Diana, you are too cute!  Really!

Oh what a magical session this was!  Despite the chilly December weather, we worked quickly to get many gorgeous images of Diana in a princess dress!  Here are a few favorites of mine!

Curls, lashes, and glitter?  Yes, please!

Even though it was cold, Diana loved twirling in her princess dress.  
And the light this day was magical.  

Holiday Doll right here!  Such a little beauty!

Seriously pretty, oh so pretty!

Those eyes though!!!

Diana, I always have so much fun working with you!  
Thank you for always being your sweet and delightful self!  Cannot wait to see you again!  
Please tell Wampass and the baby chicks hi for me!!!  Hugs!!!
  1. Anonymous says:

    She is such a LIVING DOLL!!! All the shots are just FABULOUS!!!


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