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Happy Spring, friends! Can you believe that it is already March, almost April!?  I’ll have to do a separate post soon to catch up on life and personal stuff!  However, this post is a special one, one that deserves its own space and time!  If you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you may recall portraits of beautiful Sylvia and her lovely products!  If not, please allow me to introduce you to sweet Sylvia, her Mom, and her sister, Melissa.  Sylvia created Beautifek, her own line of natural, organic lipsticks for all skin tones, and over the years, she has updated the packaging and added to her list of offerings with new colors and ways to combine the vibrant colors for even more variety!  She is one of the most humble, kind, down-to-earth people, and as I worked with them in late December, it was such a delight to watch their joy and their bond as mother/daughters/sisters, while their natural beauty shined through in gorgeous smiles and laughter, as well as in quiet moments.  It was a dream! I have so many favorites!!! I asked them what they were celebrating for this particular portrait session, and they told me that they have written a book together, which will be published soon, so they needed options for the inside and outside covers!  Amazing, right?!  I have already requested an autographed copy!  Sidenote: I don’t think that I blogged our time in a studio with two gorgeous models or the previous product session I did for Beautifek! Be sure to click the link above for our first portrait session!  If you follow along on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen images from those times, because they are still some of my favorites!  

I can’t think of a better way to end my 2022 client sessions and then to ring in 2023 with a fun, creative commercial session featuring a new product line and pretty new packaging!  It was the perfect winter project! And Sylvia allowed me full creative freedom with styling and composition, infusing color and texture, which is always a treat!

To Sylvia, Melissa, and Mrs. B, thank you so much for welcoming me into your lovely home, for bringing so much joy and fun to the session, and for sharing your celebration and success with me!  I’m so excited for all that the future holds for you!  Hugs!!!

Beauty by the talented Aubree Bolding, featuring Beautifek products!




Beautifek // Indianapolis Portraits + Product Photography


I love when clients wish to create a Custom Wedding Album!  Not only is it a beautiful reminder of your wedding day, it’s also serves as a timeless treasure to share with family, friends, and future generations!  I love using a clean, editorial style layout that allows the images to shine, giving them space to breathe without being cluttered.  Here are some recent albums that I had the pleasure of presenting to my brides and grooms!  More album designs can be seen here, here, here, and here.

From Jen + Ryan’s Jones Crossing Wedding:

Contact the studio at 317.496.4084 or email for more details 
about your Custom Wedding Album!  Albums may be designed and ordered at any time, 
even if your wedding has already taken place!  

Inside Look | Custom Wedding Albums | Part 3


I just couldn’t resist photographing and sharing little Zander’s custom mini accordion!  His sweet family has already received their precious book, and I have no doubts they’ve been excited to show off their handsome little bear to everyone they know!  Seeing his adorable face makes me smile, and I’m sure you’ll be smiling too as you scroll through this post!  In case you missed it, you can check out his winter themed studio session here!  Cannot wait to get Zander in front of my lens again!

For more information on Custom Accordions and Custom Mini Accordions, 
please feel free to review the blog posts here and here.  
Happy Monday!

Custom Mini Accordion | Zander


Recently, I blogged one of my newest products, the Custom Mini Accordion.  Well, I have a few more items to show you that I think you’ll love!  First is another size option for the Custom Mini Accordion, which is 2.5″x3.5″versus 3″x3″.  This next sample shows a pretty pink cloth cover and features this little cutie’s adorable family session and cake smash.

Raegan, you are adorable!!!

This Custom Accordion is 4″x8″, which is still a great size to carry in your bag to show to friends and family.  This sample features favorites from Ashley’s beautiful fall senior session.  
I absolutely love how this turned out!

Gorgeous, Ashley!!!

Clients, if you are interested in one of these Custom Accordions to show off your favorite images, please contact me for details!  They make wonderful gifts too!  
Happy Monday!

New Products | Custom Accordions + Custom Mini Accordions!


I heard Lucy bark a few times, and didn’t think anything of it.  There is always some kind of noise that gets her attention.  However, when I got a delivery notification, I knew that’s what she was hinting at!  I  raced down the stairs from my office and opened the front door.  After quickly opening the package, I couldn’t help but smile!  Yes, my newest sample products had arrived!  More importantly, I had an extra printed to carry in my purse…and in a moment you’ll understand why!

Portrait Clients, you will love these!  Take a look!

At 3″x3″, it is the perfect size to throw in my bag so that when someone asks if I have photos of my little guy, I can show them this without having to search for photos on my iPhone or on Facebook.  
Plus, if they don’t already know that I’m a photographer, it opens up that conversation.

I customized the cover to be able to include more favorites from his 1 year portrait session.

On the inside, I used favorite photos from his cake smash. 


A view of the cover, which holds a magnet to keep the mini accordion neatly folded and closed. 

A protective cover is an added bonus, especially when it gets tossed into my bag, which contains everything from business cards to baby gear!
Fingers crossed that this evening’s snow storm predictions are wrong!
Happy Tuesday!  

New Products | Custom Mini Accordions!


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