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My time with Erika and Lance was incredible!  They’re cheerful, easy-going, sincere, and a gorgeous couple as well!  They share a love of the great outdoors, and their choice of Newfields for their location was impeccable.  We even found a small opening of trees that reminded them of Colorado – a place that holds so much meaning for the two of them.  It was in Steamboat Springs where they met and fell in love, and where Lance proposed to Erika.  They also brought their adorable pup, Scout, for some photos, and I was elated to make a new furry friend on the spot! Scout loved exploring a new place with her favorite humans!  She even showed me some of her tricks – be sure to take a look as you scroll below!  Without further adieu, please enjoy some of my (many!) favorites from this summer engagement session!  I can’t help but smile right along with all of these images!  Erika and Lance, thank you so much for sharing this time with me!  Your April wedding is going to be simply amazing!


A Newfields Engagement // Erika + Lance // Indianapolis, Indiana


Ohhhh, friends!!!  This was one enchanted evening…one that I’ll never forget!  Everything was beautiful!  The light! The many beautiful flowers! The old world charm!  And this sweet couple, Carly and Shane, who simply glowed with all of the excitement, anticipation, and joy that you could imagine!  I am counting down the days until their wedding day arrives, and we’ll return to this magical place once again!  Carly and Shane, thank you so so much for being your amazing selves, it was a dream!  Congratulations!!! 

Many thanks to the lovely host, Artisan Acres Estate!  What a very special place you have!

An Artisan Acres Estate Engagement // Carly + Shane // Noblesville, Indiana


While on a long camping trip along the western coast of Michigan last summer, I received an email from the sweetest bride-to-be!  She had seen my work, and wanted to inquire about wedding photography and engagement photos.  After only a few emails back and forth, I could tell I would love working with this couple!  As Katy and David shared more about their love story, their relationship, and their hobbies and interests, it was even more apparent that they were a perfect match for each other and a dream duo to work alongside!  We planned their engagement session to take place in locations that meant something special to them, places they loved to visit together.  And it was the best time!  We had bright sunshine on this late summer afternoon, perfectly highlighting and illuminating their equally sparkling, easy-going personalities.  They even picked up a bouquet of flowers on their way to use in photos, because it’s something they’d do while walking through nearby farmers’ markets on the weekends.  With the golden light flooding Garfield Park’s (impeccible!) Sunken Gardens, their fantastic style, their amazing connection, it was easy to lose track of time, getting lost in capturing the two of them from behind my camera.  When our time ended in the gardens, we made our way to Fountain Square for more portraits.  Katy and David often love trying new restaurants and going back to favorites in this historic area, checking out the friendly, unique shops and eateries in one of their most beloved areas of Indianapolis.  We also stopped by Bovaconti Coffee, who so graciously to allowed us to photograph inside and outside. Such a fun atmosphere! Needless to say, I adored my time with these two, and I have so many favorites from this session that seemed to fly by in an instant!  Katy and David, thank you so much for asking me to capture this exciting time in your lives!  You are so fun, so kind, so beautiful together, a dynamic and dreamy duo!  Wishing you all the best as your wedding day draws near!



A Garfield Park Sunken Gardens & Fountain Square Engagement Session, Indianapolis, IN // Katy + David


As soon as I walked into their adorable home to discuss wedding photography with them, I was smitten.  I was greeted with kind eyes and warm smiles, like our masks weren’t even there.  And I’ll admit that the puppy kisses from their dog, Karma, and the purring and tail hugs from their kitty, JoJo, were definitely a sweet highlight!  Natalie and Kyle met in astronomy class in college, and years later they both attended a wedding of mutual friends.  Although he lived in Chicago at the time, Kyle insisted that he would like to take beautiful Natalie out on a date the next time he was in Indianapolis for work. The stars aligned!  The date was a success!  And, yes, pun totally intended!  Want to know more of their love story?  Yes?  I thought so, me too!  *May I please just hit pause here to say that I loooove my job!  Really! I get to meet amazing people, hear one of a kind love stories like this one, and hang out with them during some of the most special times!  Ok, back to the story!*  Kyle planned a proposal that would be sure to surprise Natalie, especially since she is known to quickly catch on to these kinds of things.  Under the Christmas Star in December (that college astronomy class again!), Kyle asked Natalie to marry him, and she said yes!  The couple knew immediately that they’d love to have their wedding in the bride’s hometown of Franklin.  And it is the most adorable area!  We even did some Save the Date photos at the historic theatre, and a proper engagement session a few months later – with Karma the pup! – and this beaming pair, full of joy, genuine smiles, kindness, drawing me in even more!  Their wedding day is almost here, and I am so so SOOO excited!!!  Natalie and Kyle, I am so thankful to have met you (Thank you, Jenny!) and I cannot wait to celebrate alongside you and your families and friends in a few short days!  Congratulations, you two!!!


Franklin Engagement Session // Natalie + Kyle


Last summer, we had the most incredible day for Kara and Christian’s engagement session!  The evening sky put on quite a stunning display of color, and we stood in awe as we were completely surrounded by shades of pink, coral, and lavender. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and to have shared it with two of the kindest, sweetest, most beautiful from the inside out people, it was something I’ll never forget!  Their wedding day is almost upon us, and I am so excited to share it with their family and friends!  Kara and Christian, you two are simply wonderful, and I cannot wait to be there alongside you as you share your vows and celebrate with those you love most in this world!  For now, I’ll let your warm smiles and joyful spirits shine right here in some of my many favorites from this fantastic day!  Hugs to you both!!!

Summer Engagement Portraits // Kara + Christian


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