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I recently had the incredibly fun and wonderful opportunity to photograph a sweet, talented, and beautiful (inside and out!) friend in some stunning bridal gowns.  Add in a pretty awesome location.  And the loveliest blooms you ever did see!  We were all going gaga for these florals the entire day!  I may have even twirled and sang while holding them between shots a few times…ok, so I totally did do that!  I just couldn’t help myself!  Ok, have I mentioned that Julia is gorgeous?!  Aside from being a wonderfully talented makeup artist, she just happens to know how to work it for the camera too.  What a beauty!!!  Spring is just a few short weeks away, which is somewhat hard to believe after all of the snow outside my window right now!  What better way to await spring’s arrival than with a little sneak peek at some of the loveliness from this dream shoot!

A huge thank you to our amazing creative team who made this happen!  You guys are the best!  What a fun day!

Florals: Meg Catherine Flowers // MUA: Julia Wadsworth Makeup Artistry // Hair Stylist: Courtney of G Michael Salon // Bridal Gowns + Accessories: Blue House Bridal // Venue: Mill Top Banquet & Conference Center // Model: Julia // Photography: Stewart Imagery

Spring Bridal Inspiration | Sneak Peek!


I met Valerie when I was about 7 months pregnant with Remington in the midst of an insane heat wave blasting the Midwest.  Reggie and I were part of a car show taking place in the heart of downtown Carmel, and it just so happened that we parked just up the street from Blue House Bridal.  I told Reggie I’d be back in a few minutes, and off I went, hoping to meet a fellow wedding industry peer and perhaps to find some cool air!  And here we are almost two years later, and besides becoming a wonderful client, Valerie has become a sweet friend of mine.  We both have little boys – just 2 months apart! – and we love them both dearly!  I’m excited to see them hang out and become great friends over the years!  A while back, I stopped by to visit Valerie at Blue House Bridal.  I just love her boutique, her dresses, and her passion for her business.  I’ve been excited to share more, so let’s just get right to it!  Stewart Imagery asked Blue House a few questions to help you get to know them a bit better.  For more information, visit their website and connect with them on Facebook.

SI: How did you start your business?  When did you open the doors at Blue House Bridal?

BH: I worked in the wedding industry for over 8 years before I started the business.  Having seen all aspects of this amazing time in a family’s life, I really felt that how the bride looks is the most important thing.  If a woman feels beautiful then everyone will notice her no matter what and there is nothing that can stop her!  For one of the most memorable days of your life, why not look the best and make everyone eat their hearts out! 🙂  I opened my doors on November 2, 2010!

SI: I love the name of your boutique!  What inspired you to use the name Blue House Bridal?

BH: Well, clearly it came before the actual space was found. 🙂  I really want Blue House to be a place that our brides bring their children back to or even their grandchildren.  I wanted a name that encompassed that as well as a feel that you are really taken care of by us.

SI: What bridal style defines Blue House Bridal?  What bridal styles do you love and why? 

BH: We are what you won’t find anywhere else.  I believe we carry the best dress around.  You may be able to find something similar, but ours are always better. 🙂 If you have searched high and low and can’t find your dress, it is because you haven’t visited us! The styles I love really are anything that makes people say “Wow!  Did you see that dress?” and “Did you see her in that dress!” Listen, you want people to not only love the dress you are wearing, but love you in it even more.  Since every person is different in what their best features are, there is no one “style” that I can love more because it would be leaving out a potential person from finding their dress here.

SI: What differentiates Blue House Bridal from all of the other bridal stores out there?  

BH: Us. We really care about each and every one of our brides.  Our goal is to have you know that you look your absolute best and know the dress is the one thing you will not have to worry about on your wedding day.  You’re not just another bride buying a wedding dress to us, you are “Jessica” finding the perfect dress to marry “John” in. 

SI: Do you read or subscribe to any wedding magazines?  If so, what are your favorites?  

BH: Of course, I get them all!

    Valerie offered a few tips for brides in search of “The Dress”: 
    1. Shop only when you’re ready. 
    2. Bring along that person or persons whose opinion you trust.  Once you’ve decided on your dress, bring everyone else back to see it. 
    3. Be honest with your stylist.  If you don’t like a dress, simply let them know.  You’ll be that much closer to finding exactly what you’re looking for.  
    4. Do your homework before setting a budget for your dress.  Keep in mind that alterations are an additional expense.  

    SI: What is your favorite must-have accessory that you recommend to brides for their wedding day?
    BH: Other than their best smile because they feel so stunning, a great pair of earrings.  You can never go wrong with earrings.

    SI: Just for fun – What celebrity wedding would you like to style?  

    BH: Well, I would do two:  Kim Kardashian and Nelly.  I just love a sharp dressed man!
    SI: What are some of the hottest trends for 2014 brides?  

    BH: Non-strapless is huge.  Lace is still really popular, but so is tulle, which is a personal fave.  Fitted is still very in, but with a more relaxed fit as well.

    SI: What is your favorite aspect of owning and operating your business?  

    BH: That I get to help women finally embrace their bodies and see how beautiful they really are.  I always say we want to really be able to go on a shopping spree and buy up a whole entire store because everything looks good on us, but that is not the case.  So rather than try to find the latest and greatest, like we do in our everyday clothes, and try to make them work, why not find the best and most stunning for the day that is all about love and happiness!  When a woman feels stunning there is nothing that can stop her.  She radiates beauty and love and that, no one can resist!

    Valerie, beautiful business woman, mother, and friend!

    Brittany is a stylist and consultant at Blue House.  She is a sweetheart!

    I was swooning over all of the stunning accessories at Blue House!  This bracelet?  Sooo pretty!

    Valerie and Brittany, thank you so much for openly sharing your time, insight, and 
    beautiful space at Blue House!  It was so much fun to spend some time with you, 
    not to mention being surrounded by such exquisite gowns and accessories!  
    Wishing you continued success as you make your brides feel beautifully radiant for their wedding day!    

    Inside Look | Blue House Bridal Boutique

    What a fun shoot this was!!!  I was so excited when Kristen asked me to photograph some beautiful bouquets for Union Street Flowers & Gifts!  This family-owned business created some fabulous florals for a recent bridal event and wished to have their work documented.  I loved all of the vibrant colors and unique elements!  We had a lovely spring day to boot!  A special thank you to our gorgeous model, Allison!  And a huge thank you to Valerie at Blue House Bridal for the stunning veil featured in some of the images!  Speaking of images, let’s get right to them…so many favorites!  
    Favorite!  So, so beautiful!
    I love the bright colors in this peacock-themed bouquet!
    Don’t you love the arched greenery and custom wrapping of this bouquet? 

    I love, love, love the vintage whimsy of this one!

    Such a creative wrist corsage!

    Another favorite!

    I love the boutonniere and corsage Kristen created for this amazing bouquet!

    And this is the fabulous Kristen!  She is such a sweetheart!  And she loves what she does and it shows!
    Becky, Kristen, and Allison, thank you so  much for sharing your day with me!  
    I had such a blast photographing your incredibly beautiful work!  
    Be sure to check out Union Street Flowers & Gifts for all of your floral needs! They also have great gifts, such as home decor, accessories, jewelry, and more!

    Union Street Flowers + Gifts


    One of my goals for 2010 was to work on a personal project.  While I love, love, LOVE photographing weddings, engagements, families, seniors, and kiddos, I wanted to take on something a little different.  What was my inspiration for this project?  Summer in Provence, a beautiful region in the south of France.  I studied French for 4 years in high school, and hosted an exchange student, who is still one of my great friends.  Hi Karine!  The following year, I was fortunate enough to travel to France to visit Paris and then to stay with Karine’s family.  They took me on adventures to many places along France’s southern coast.  It was such an amazing experience!  I majored in French in college, continuing my love for and study of the language, history, and art.  Although I haven’t been back to France…yet!…I continue to be inspired by all that I’ve learned about the French culture, their language, their people, and the wonderful family who opened their doors and hearts to me.  I pulled together some things I’ve collected to incorporate into my concept: an old typewriter, some fabric from my trip, some vintage cameras, some French poems from my college text books, and some items from some new friends who helped make this project come alive, Union Street Flowers & Gifts and Beauchamp Antiques

    My favorite prop – thanks to my hubby for finding me the perfect bicycle! – worked perfectly 
    with my theme.  I can’t wait to use this for an engagement session! 

    These gorgeous blooms were arranged by Becky at Union Street. I told her my ideas, and she exceeded my expectations!  Thank you, Becky!

    This trunk is the real deal. Genuine. Vintage. Louis Vuitton.  
    Merci beaucoup, Mr. Beauchamp!


    I just love this bicycle…I can imagine riding it to flea markets, to the bakery, 
    just about anywhere really. And the basket is perfect for carrying some lovely flowers.



    A huge thank you to Union Street Flowers & Gifts and Beauchamp Antiques for their generosity in making my vision for this project come to fruition!  It was so much fun!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

    Inspiration: A Summer in Provence


    Tracy and I met in college at IU-Bloomington, and have been great friends ever since. After discovering that our workplaces were less than a mile apart, we would meet for lunch and talk about our lives, our ‘9-5’, and other happenings. We soon discovered that we shared something else in common…we both yearned for more out of our career, to doing something that we truly enjoyed, to create something all our own that would have meaning and a positive impact on others. We would toss various ideas back and forth, most of them sounding silly to our own ears as soon as the words were uttered. Tracy had come up with something. Something good, something promising, something real. I remember the spark in her eyes and the sheer excitement in her voice as she told me what that something was. I’m very pleased to introduce Frangipani Body Products! And I was so honored when she asked me to photograph her line of products! We got together for some portraits, and I asked her a few questions about Frangipani and running her own business. Check out Tracy’s Lifestyle Session!

    Meet Tracy!
    My dear friend, the one with the chair. She’s got even more style…check out her living room!
    I’ve been very excited to do her portraits…see why?

    And “the chair”! Tracy, you are beautiful, inside and out! I love this one!

    stewart imagery: Why & how did you start Frangipani? What were some of the influences that inspired you to create your products?

    Tracy: I started Frangipani after suffering from a combination of sensitive, acne-prone skin with rosacea. I was so frustrated with the products on the market I started reading and created my own products. It wasn’t long before I started noticing a real difference in my skin and decided to create the whole line!

    stewart imagery: What is your favorite thing/best part about having your own business?

    Tracy: Since graduating from college, I had a very structured job. Long hours that were sometimes completely out of my control. It was an adjustment at first but I have really started to enjoy having the freedom to work when I want. If I want to take the afternoon off, I can. It might mean I work that night but at least I have the choice! Having your own business is really rewarding as well. All of the successes are so much sweeter!

    stewart imagery: What words of advice can you share that may help someone go for their dream? What was the best advice you have been given?

    Tracy: Wow. What a hard question! It is so scary to go after your dream! I consider myself lucky for being given the opportunity to work on Frangipani full time. I guess I would tell people to remember life is short. Do what you love. The best advice I have been given is to remember what your contribution should be to your company. Early on, I thought I could build my own website. I had built them years before and thought it would be like riding a bike. It wasn’t! My friend told me to remember that my commitment to Frangipani should be through the product line, not the website. I could pay someone to build the website. I couldn’t pay someone to develop the products. So that is what I did and my time was spent in a much wiser way.

    Tracy loves to laugh! When she laughs, it’s just contagious, and this is SO her. Favorite!

    stewart imagery: What is your favorite Frangipani product and why?

    Tracy: I think that is a toss up. The Protective Serum is my favorite because it was my first product. It helped heal my rosacea flare-ups and convinced me that oil was actually good for my skin. The Shea Butter Softening Lotion is my other favorite because I tried MANY different versions before I got to the final product. It was a labor of love and I was so happy when I finally created something so wonderful!

    The Environment Triple Set for Oily Skin contains Tracy’s favorite products!

    After doing some indoor portraits, Tracy had suggested we go play in the snow…
    what a perfect idea!

    stewart imagery: What would you like for people to know about Frangipani?

    Tracy: Frangipani is all about peaceful, natural skin care. There are no chemicals or synthetics, just pure plant-based ingredients. You can buy everything online or local to Indianapolis at Georgetown Market, Just Hair, and Nature’s Pharm with retail outlets expanding every day!

    Tracy has a beautiful cat named Sophie. I snapped this of Sophie, and showed it to Tracy on the back of my camera: “That is SO Sophie!”

    Workin’ it in the snow! You rock, Tracy!

    Sophie, dahhhling, I just love your expression.

    Gearing up…

    …for a snowball fight! Work and play all in the same day made both of us happy!
    By the way, don’t you just love her scarf and gloves?

    Tracy, I am so happy and excited for you! You are reaching for the stars with your dream, and I couldn’t be more proud of you! You are an inspiration to me and to so many others, and for that, I can’t thank you enough. And thank you so much for totally rocking your session, both indoors and braving the cold, it was well worth it and TONS of fun!

    To order products and to learn more about Frangipani, please visit!

    Lifestyle: Tracy & Frangipani Body Products


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