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Bennett | 9 days


Last summer I had the sheer delight of photographing a beautiful and happy family to celebrate the first birthday of their first child.  Brian, Brittani, and Bryson were so much fun!  So you might imagine how excited I was to hear that they were expecting their second child, a little boy!  Bennett was born just a few days after Bryson’s 2nd birthday – what a perfect present for his older brother!  This little guy was a happy – and sleepy! – camper for his first time in front of my camera!  When he was awake, he simply observed his surroundings, taking everything in.  Bennett, you make your parents beam with happiness.  And Bryson is the perfect big brother!  I’ll admit  I’m quite smitten with you too!  I have quite a few favorites from our afternoon, so let’s get right to them!  Friends and family can view Bennett’s entire online gallery here.


Bryson received quite a present for his 2nd birthday!  🙂
Perfect little fingers and toes.


I had to include Bennett’s sneak peek from Facebook!
So sweet!

Bryson, you are already such a great big brother!
P.S. Beyond adorable, both of you!
P.P.S. Another favorite.

Bennett’s cool blue and gray nursery was so cute!

Brittani, you are so pretty!  Love both of these!

This rocking chair has been in the family for years, 
and now the newest member of the family gets to enjoy it!

Hi there, Bennett!

Love this!

B + B, you two are so cute!

Another favorite!

Brian loves to golf.  He has the cutest lil’ caddy!  😉

I’ll end with one more favorite.  I love catching a big, sleepy yawn! 

Brian, Brittani, Bryson, and Bennett, I absolutely love photographing your sweet family!  
Your joy and love for each other is so refreshing!
Thank you for such a fun, easy-going session!  Can’t wait to see you all again! 

  1. Anonymous says:

    SPECTACULAR!!! What a LOVELY family … GREAT job, Stephanie!!! LOVE the names … Bryson & Bennett too.


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