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Baptism: Samantha


Sunday, August 31, 2008
Indianapolis, IN

I had the privilege of photographing the baptism of sweet Samantha. The weather was gorgeous, and the sun shined brightly that day on Church of the Holy Cross. Thank you again to Samantha’s parents, Jenny and Andrew, for this special opportunity! Samantha is truly blessed with a nice, loving family and lots of new friends at Church of the Holy Cross.

At the beginning of Mass, everyone welcomes Samantha and congratulates the family. The actual sacrament of baptism is performed later in the Mass after the homily.

Samantha is baptised with holy water and blessed with holy oil. A candle is lit and held by her Godparents as a symbol of light to the world.

One of my favorites of the day!

All eyes on Samantha and her beautiful antique gown. Just precious!

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