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April 12: The Best Date. Ever.


April 12th is one of the best days of the year!  Why?  For one reason, my parents were married 41 years ago on this date.  For another reason, I married the most wonderful man in the world 2 years ago on this date!

Mom and Dad, I wish you a very Happy 41st Wedding Anniversary!  May you enjoy each other’s company and smile knowing that you are loved so much and by so many people!

And my dear Reggie, can you believe it has been 2 years?!  The time has flown by, but please know that my love for you has grown stronger.  I wake up each day so thankful that you are the person next to me.  You are amazing, talented, patient, hard-working, dedicated, kind, inspirational, devoted, caring, positive, creative, and giving.  You’re a dreamer, you won’t settle for less.  You are my hero, my rock. Without you and your belief in me, I would not be who I am today, nor would I have found my passion, photography.  So I owe you!  😉  I love you so much!  Happy Anniversary, Honey!!!

I’ve been asked a few times to share some of our wedding photos, so let’s do it!  Our friend and great photographer, Katie Collier, took our photos.  Her work is beautiful, classic, and she is truly talented.  And, I’m including an excerpt from the journal that I kept as well.  I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about it!

This one is one of my favorites from our wedding!

Meanwhile, Reggie and his Mom were getting some portraits taken…I love these!
…so Father Mazzola told us we would need to make our way to the front of the church in 10 minutes!  Jackie, the wedding hostess, who is a very sweet person, said we could go out a different way, since it was rainy and misty outside.  You see, there is no way to get to the church doors from where we were getting ready, which we were aware of from the beginning.  We went out the back doors.  It was a little misty and rainy, but I really did not mind.  I grabbed my dress and started jogging, as best I could in my 3.75 inch heels and dress!  It was fun, that is one of my favorite memories…running in the mist with my dress and my Mom and my bridesmaids…I’ll never forget it! We reached the front of the church, and I was out of breath!  The cool air felt so good!  A few guests were still making their way into the church.  I went inside once I had caught my breath…

The Bouquet!  My favorite flowers: peonies, roses, ranunculas, and hydrangeas!

Once inside I could hear the beautiful music of our organist, Tom, and our cantor, Tim.  Our wedding party was lined up and ready to walk down the aisle.  Reggie’s brother Mike said, “Hey Steph!” and gave me the thumb’s up sign.  Audrey and Ashley smiled and wished me luck.  Justin reminded me to breathe and to enjoy it all.  Sean gave me a smile, as well as Kristen and Sara.  I heard Tim singing “Ave Maria” which I was so happy to hear!  My parents and I were standing off to the right of the main church doors, so that Reggie and our guests would not be able to see me. I looked outside again, and saw that our ride was already there.  I heard the chime at the altar, signaling that the wedding ceremony was about to begin.  I could hear the church bells ringing outside too.  I got chills then, and I’m getting them now just reliving these moments!…” (and now as I type this! This is why I love weddings!!!)

We were both giggling and shaking as we lit our Unity Candle. 
A big hug from my bridesmaids and best friends.


Getting ready for our drive off in Antique Limousine’s 1953 Rolls.  
We loved this car!  I wish we could have kept it!  😉

After the drive off, Reggie and I came back to the church for some special portraits. 
And another favorite of mine!  
Then it was time to go to our reception!
Photo Credits: Katie Collier
I’ll save more photos for a later post…thank you for allowing me to share this with all of you! 
And, again, Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! xo
Reggie, I love you with all my heart! xo
  1. Lindsay says:

    Aww, this post was a great way to start my morning! So sweet and beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Stephanie, Thank you for your beautiful words, pictures and warm wishes!! You're always glowing when we see you and it's because you're truly happy!!!! Congratulations to you & Reggie!!!
    Love, Mom

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