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A very “Hoppy” Easter!


Hasn’t the weather been just lovely lately?  We enjoyed some family time over the Easter holiday weekend, as well as tackling some projects around the house!  Well, maybe I should clarify that Reggie tackled some projects around the house – shelving in the garage!  I didn’t photograph that, however, I did take some photos while we painted Easter eggs the night before and then when we visited my parents.  Remington loved chasing Lucy around the backyard, finding Easter eggs, and smiling in the sunshine!  And I’m happy to say I’m checking off one of my goals for 2014, which is to take more photos while with family!

Remington really wanted to get into the colorful dye!  Maybe next year, little man, maybe next year! 😉 

Love this!

My sweet Grandma, Remington’s great grandmother, checked out the eggs that he had found! 

Proud grandparents!  
I remember hunting for Easter eggs as a kid.  My parents and grandma would hide them all around the yard if the weather was nice.  Once I found them all, I’d ask them to hide them all over again!  
We did 2 rounds of egg hunting with Remington!  

Lucy relaxed in the shade after racing around and helping Remington find eggs.
My two favorite guys!  And yes, they do sort of match!  
Remington chose Daddy’s shirt before going to church in the morning!

Looks like he found the perfect Easter egg!  Ha!

Happy Wednesday!

  1. Anonymous says:

    LOVE all these GREAT pics!!! Had such a WONDERFUL Easter with our PRECIOUS Grandson …. 🙂


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