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A Peony For Your Thoughts


A few weeks ago, my parents planted some peonies in our yard.  These peonies are very special for several reasons.  Their delicate beauty and fresh scent remind me of childhood, summer time, and feeling carefree.  Many of our relatives have these in their landscaping, and now my husband and I have a little piece of that history in common with them.  And I had gorgeous white peonies in my wedding bouquet because of the aforementioned reasons.  We’re not sure if our newly planted peonies will bloom this season, after the shock of being transplanted, so we’ll see.  I did find this peony, located just outside my husband’s shop.  As the sun was setting in the evening sky, I took this photo and added a little dash of magic to give it a vintage flair. 

Do you have a favorite tree or flower that reminds you of childhood?  Do you have it in your yard now?
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  1. Mary Marantz says:

    Oooh LOVE peonies and LOVE this shot!! xoxo

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have white, red & pink peonies and I LOVE them and I've read they can live 100 years!!! The peony is my most favorite flower and then I'm not sure … maybe the rose. What a lovey shot!


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