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A Boy’s Best Friend


It’s crazy to me that we have 2 toddlers in our house!  Remington will be 2 in September, which I can hardly believe… And Lucy just turned 3 in June!  Dogs count as toddlers, right?!  Well, rather than planning another birthday party for Lucy… Yes, yes, you read that correctly.  I’ve had birthday parties for Lucy, just one actually.   Granted, aside from myself, the only other guest was our cat, Lola.  It was for her 1st birthday.  I blame it on being pregnant and stir crazy!  Last year, Remington and I sang Happy Birthday and took her for a walk.  So this year, we were even more low key about it all.  Even though she’s not allowed on the furniture, I did include the very chair that we bought the day we found Lucy.  And gosh, she has changed since some of her earliest photos at 8 weeks old!    I still remember when she used to curl up on my shoulder and snooze while I edited photos!  It was so sweet!  Little did I know that she would show me a tiny glimpse of what it might be like to be a mother, with a tiny, precious being cuddled up in my arms.  And now these two are great friends!  Remington likes to chase her more than she would prefer, but it’s just because he loves her so!  Her antics make him giggle and screech, which in turn makes her bark…which in turn makes him laugh even more.  Although it’s nap time in the house right now (Lucy and Lola nap when Remington naps!), I can still hear their giggles and arffs echoing in the living room.  And it makes my heart full.  

I’ve always loved her expressive eyes!  

What I didn’t expect was Remington and Lucy to sit together! 
 I think he will love this photo when he’s older!
It took some coaxing to get Lucy to get on the chair, let alone to sit there for a few photos!  
Luckily, I had some help!  More on this in a minute!

Remington learned the word “Up!” that day, and climbed right onto the chair to show Lucy what to do!

After Lucy had eaten all the treats I had set aside, Remington borrowed a few poses from Lucy! 😉

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lucy!  We love you!  
Thank you for being a sweet and loving pup and for becoming such a good friend to Remington!  

  1. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely LOVE these!!! Yes, Remington is ADORABLE, but Lucy is a very PRETTY dog …. just GREAT poses, Stephanie!!!


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