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5 Years Ago | A Letter to Reggie


Dear Reggie,

It was a cool, misty April day.  I remember looking at the clock in the bridal room at our church, surrounded by my Mom and my best friends.  It was time!  Time to go see you, my hubby to be!

We hurried out the back door, outside, and around to the front of the church.  I had never jogged in 4-inch heels until that day…ok, maybe jog isn’t the right word.  Regardless, I had never moved so fast in 4-inch heels!

I remember hearing the music we had planned months before.  A few guests made their way in just moments before the ceremony began as the church bells rang.  I remember your brother giving me the thumbs up and saying, “Good luck, Steph!”  I remember being walked down the aisle by my Mom and Dad, and smiling while seeing our family and friends there to cheer us on. I remember you, standing, waiting, smiling at me.  I remember how handsome you looked in your pen-striped tux.  Gosh, you were (and still are) so very handsome!

I remember you holding my hand and looking at me – and with that look I knew to just relax.

And how we giggled at our shaking hands as we lit our unity candle.

I remember the tools that you mysteriously retrieved from under my gown at our reception.  And the way you held me tight as we danced to our song.  I remember not wanting our special day to end.

So many wonderful memories from the day that we promised forever to each other five years ago.  Here we are creating even more amazing memories each and every day with our sweet son who absolutely adores you…and I couldn’t be happier.  Five years ago today I married the love of my life, my best friend, my everything.  Happy Anniversary!  I love you!


Photo credits: Katie Collier

  1. Anonymous says:

    BEAUTIFUL …. what a letter and pictures!!! Congratulations and Best Wishes for many, many more!!!


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