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2011 | Year in Review | Engagements


It’s always fun to look at images from the past year to see how far I’ve come as a photographer.  I really think it helps me to learn and grow, to see what works, and to see how I can sharpen my skills for the year ahead.  I also got the opportunity to travel to California for one of the sessions!  More importantly, I love to to reconnect with the couples who have welcomed me into their lives to capture such an exciting time before the wedding day.  One of my favorite things about engagement sessions is that once we get started, and chat about their plans, they kind of forget that they’re being photographed.  They simply focus on one another.  They breathe.  They laugh and hug and kiss and share the moment.  Together.  To all of my couples from 2011, thank you for being so wonderful, so in the moment, so you.  Here are some of my favorites from the past year… enjoy!

 Again, thank you to for making my year such a memorable one!  You guys are the BEST! 

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for doing the walk down memory lane …. they are all just OUTSTANDINGLY GORGEOUS!!!! You're right … they look very happy just being themselves!!!

    GREAT jobs, Stephanie!!!


  2. Mary Marantz says:

    LOVE!! That shot of the footprints in the sand is my favorite!


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