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200th Post! and Sneak Peek: Engagement: Leah + Daniel


A few years ago, if you would have asked me what I’d be doing as far as  a career, I wouldn’t have had an answer.  Fast forward to now…I’ve got a fancy box that makes fancy images, along with another fancy box that allows me to share them with all of you!  Happy 200th Post!  Wow!  Ok, and to top it off, I have been so incredibly excited to share these next images with you.  Oh, Leah and Daniel!  Thank you for being so open and trusting and patient!  You see, I asked Leah and Daniel if they’d let me try a few new things for their engagement session, and they said yes, without hesitation!  Remember that foggy morning I spoke of a few weeks ago?  Wellll, after that beautiful fog lifted, we were left with a gorgeous sunrise.  Enough of my babbling, let’s get right down to Leah and Daniel’s Sneak Peek!

Glorious morning light, how I love you!

How gorgeous is this couple?!   So smitten!

I showed this to my husband as I was editing, and he said it looks like a perfume ad…I must agree!
Let’s call it Baigné par le soleil…Kissed by the Sun 
My favorite!

Page 2 of the ad here (tied for favorite!):

Beautiful smile…and beautiful blingity-bling-bling!

Daniel is an avid golfer, and Leah is his biggest cheerleader.

In light of this being my 200th post and because these 2 are so adorable, 
I’m sharing a few more images than normal for a Sneak Peek!  I hope you don’t mind! 🙂

Found these purple flowers…perfection!

Leah and Daniel, you rock!  More to come soon!
  1. Anonymous says:

    These are beautiful pics!!! Especially love the last one in the field of purple flowers.

    Congrats to the lucky couple!


  2. What a fun 200th post- these two look super sweet! (I'm actually one away from my 200th blog post- isn't it crazy how time flies?)

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